Foundry Arts and Crafts – Video casting ashtrays 2013 and progress

Hello to all !

Following the success of first article about casting of Arts and Crafts of Lille and its traditional ashtrays, I had to give you a second small section to keep you informed of the progress of the project after a few days.

Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

The very hot ashtrays out of the mold are aligned in order of arrival, necessary to detect a change in the quality or otherwise of an appearance defects.


As we saw at the end of the preceding article, casting conditions deteriorated gradually over time, under the combined effect of several factors :

  • the upper pin of the mold no longer fulfill its role due to the aluminum remained stuck on despite the release agent.
  • oven, Unregulated, too heated aluminum, that overheated at the same time the mold, causing poorer surface finish.
  • the release agent is removed faster than expected, which sometimes jammed the piece in the mold.

The lack of perspective and experience of the team to face these problems is gradually filled, phenomena are beginning to be understood and anticipated, brief is far from the first casting which, even if the result was perfect… I let you admire the casting technique with reversed !

After almost 400 cycles, students are now well established, and provide the slightest concern that could happen. Ashtrays with defects are immediately melted in the oven, and others are stored on a workbench, time to cool.

Here are some pictures of the team and the result just two days after the first casting !


Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

Professor foundry can be proud of its students and its calculations : the mold works really well, the rejection rate is extremely low.


Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

The team's cendar, unfortunately not quite complete that day's photo : they can be seen in full for the next story !

Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

Ashtrays with significant defects are given directly in the oven.

Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

Still hot, they melt very quickly

Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

Foundry ashtrays Arts and crafts - Photo Lee Guilhem

On this table, a little over a hundred ashtrays, and twice in cartons : it is not even half of the production referred !

Then, will you come to Gala December Fignoss the 23 November 2013 to get your copy of cendar's 2013 ? I will be personally, and I can tell you that there is little chance that I did not recover a !

More to come on the preparation of Gala in the coming days, Stay Connected !


3 replies
  1. Gurgu'X says:

    Very nice initiative this article, ça fait plaisir de s’immerger à nouveau dans cette belle ambiance de prépa figno’ss ! 😉 Bonne continutation / bon courage aussi! Et à samedi !!!

  2. Philippe COSTES says:

    Bravo Guilhem pour ton superbe reportage sur la fabrication des cendriers Fignoss 2013 !

    Il associe ton talentueuxcoup d’œilet l’enthousiasme de nos chers élèves

    Par tradition, les cendriers des Fignoss correspondent avant tout à certaines valeurs : CREATIVITE, TECHNICITE et AUDACEValeurs fortes qui se doivent d’animer nos futurs gadzarts !!!

    The “strass cendarsde cette année leurs a fait encore honneur.

    Bien AMicalement 😉

    Philippe COSTES
    Professeur de Fonderie
    Arts & Métiers ParisTech centre de Lille

    • Guilhem de Lépinay says:

      Thank you Philippe, your message makes me really happy.
      J’ai fait parti de lastrass cendarsil y a quelques années, and I wanted to congratulate you for your personal investment with the students of the arts for so long. If our school is so special, It is also through some of their teachers, like you !

      Thanks again, and continue to share your knowledge, your experience and your motivation to students, This is I think very beneficial !

      Guilhem de Lépinay


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