Rando Schwalmala 2016

Schwalmala 2016 – rando VTT of the Sundgau

Hello to all,

Last year I came for the first time at the famous Schwalmala the Ruederbach cyclo-club, and it was a pleasure to photograph all these competitors, practicing their passion in a good mood ! It's pretty funny because I met a number of you in the year, It must be said that with 1000 participants, the Sundgau becomes really small !

I therefore again this year, with a little more organization, to find the perfect spot to make the best pictures, with the small jump for the hottest of you !

In advance, Sorry for those of the small 12km loop, I won't be on your course !

For all others, Here are the links to view the photographs and order one or more prints even more simply with the new version of the online store !

For remembrance, Here are some pictures of the previous edition, as well as the Gallery full Schwalmala 2015 !
hirsingue photographer hirsingue photographer hirsingue photographer

Guilhem de Lépinay





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