First steps of the three wolves at the zoo of Mulhouse mane

Wolves at the zoo of Mulhouse mane are three small new, already high on leg, but all's not even well senior ! They are named Ronaldo, Falkao and Zico. Find my pictures on the official press release from the zoo of Mulhouse, times by DNA and Alsace !

Press release : Wolves at the zoo of Mulhouse mane

The 8 November 2013, Flower and Satan, young couple of wolves at Park Zoological and botanical Mulhouse mane (68), gave birth to 3 small males who are just beginning to explore the outside world. Park Zoological and botanical Mulhouse hosts wolves maned since most of 30 ans. The current couple arrived in 2010. Flower, aged then 2 ans à yearsfrom the Plzeň zoo (Czech Republic) and Satan, 1 year at the time, Hamerton Zoo (United Kingdom). The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) Measuring around 1 m (at the withers) for a weight between 20 and 23 kg, The Maned Wolf is the largest canid of South America. Similar to the common Fox, It has a dense red coat on the majority of the body, a long tail of light colour, a pointed snout and long ears. However, its high and fine legs earned him the nickname of "Fox on stilts" and give it a very distinctive approach and a surprisingly graceful allure. They also allow him to dominate the high vegetation in its habitat. His neck covered with long black hair, forming a mane which bristles in the event of danger, explains its name from Maned Wolf. The Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens created in Mulhouse 1868 and directed for more than 50 years by veterinarians, Park Zoological and botanical Mulhouse to celebrated its 145 years in 2013.

They have the air of nothing these photos, but to have three little and their mother together, It took long wait before the enclosure !

Find some of my photos from the zoo of Mulhouse on the Official Facebook page Zoo !

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