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Zoo of Mulhouse : pictures of last October

The winter was not very severely this year, but this did not prevent the leaves and flowers of fall. Here are some pictures of a day of October last to remember the beauty of the Park Zoological and botanical Mulhouse in summer !

A few days of the inauguration of the North large space with its flagship species, the polar bear, rediscover the richness that this zoo takes diversity !

Below the first set of photos made the 2 Last October, the suite coming soon !


Zoo of mulhouse photo - Gibbon

The male gibbon makes the antics without impress the female more than that !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Sea Lion

Sea Lions will take their meals under the watchful eye of many children !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Sea Lion

Almost 400 pounds for the buck, which leaves the carefully observe the State of his teeth !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Sea Lion

The seal displays a mine disappointed before launch of fish off, While it has made the express trip !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - sea lion

The male sea lion, weighing around 400 kilos, can be feed by hand !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - sea lion

As soon as the fish finished, the sea lion dives to go swimming a little !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Tiger

This special grid on the side of the glass “felt” the Tiger from nearby… sensations guaranteed !

Zoo of mulhouse photo

Gathering in the garden of the House of the turtles !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Kangaroo

Before the enclosure that includes the rock Wallaby (Petrogale xanthopus), the Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus) as well as a stone
Australian, Goose geese and soldiers lapwings !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Gibbon

Gibbons take care of each other

Zoo of mulhouse Botanical Garden photo

The botanic park is full of nooks to explore for hours !

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Rock wallaby

A very nice enclosure comprising several species originating from the same region

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Rock wallaby

Rock Wallabies in and

Zoo of mulhouse photo - baby chein of the bushes

Convoy of dogs from the bushes, a few weeks after birth

Zoo of mulhouse photo - the Bush Dog

Bush dog

Zoo of mulhouse photo - the Bush Dog

Young dog of the Bush exploring its territory

Zoo of mulhouse photo - Lion

Confrontation : the two little girls are not the malignant !

Zoo cat

Meow ?

Botanical Garden Photo

Beautiful flowerbed

The suite coming soon !

Meanwhile, find my photos regularly on the official Facebook of the Zoo of Mulhouse (link) or on my personal wall (link) !

Appointment in all cases Wednesday 2 April for l’launch of the far North area !

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