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A wedding in 1920

Hello to all, Today I present you a small series of photo as I found this summer at my grandparents, I'll let you watch ! It would seem that this takes place in Alsace, at a date not specified.

Launch of bouquet of the bride in gif animated

All the candidates for the bouquet throw came together behind Manon… We feel that some people are more motivated than others… On the side, some pretend you want to catch it, while others in the Center are not appearing at all, Unfortunately without success ! Nice gesture anyway ! En réponse à […]

Festival Fol de Sainte Croix in Mines 2014

Photographies du festival de sainte croix aux mines Le soleil s’est invité au festival cette fois-ci durant les deux jours : two real days of summer, which did not prevent to soups to titillate the taste buds more of 2300 visitors who have shared more than 10000 tastings !! The good mood […]