Terms & Conditions Site delepinay.fr

Article 1- Fields of application
The General conditions of sale detailed below govern the contractual relationship between any utilisateur du site delepinay.fr hereinafter referred to as «» the purchaser "and
Guilhem de Lépinay Photography
SIRET: 99 269 543 00010
VAT not applicable, Section 293B of the CGI.

Guilhem de Lépinay Photography reserves the right to change the terms of sale without making any notice.
Chaque achat sur le site delepinay.fr est régi par les conditions générales de vente applicables à la date de la commande. By confirming your order, you unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of sale, having read. En accédant au site delepinay.fr vous vous engagez à respecter les présentes conditions.
Il est précisé que les présentes conditions régissent les ventes des photographies sur le site delepinay.fr
These conditions apply, to the exclusion of all other conditions.
Article 2- Caractéristiques essentielles des biens et services
Les produits commercialisés sur le site delepinay.fr
– photographs printed on different substrates

L’acquéreur reconnaît que les images représentant les photographies qui figurent sur le site delepinay.fr n’ont qu’une valeur indicative.
Slight color variations can occur between the image displayed on the screen and photograph shot on paper.

Article 3 - Price
Prices are indicated in Euros, nets, plus delivery (in France only).
VAT not applicable, Section 293B of the CGI.
Guilhem de Lépinay Photography se réserve le droit de modifier ses prix à tout moment. Les biens seront facturés sur la base des tarifs en vigueur au moment de l’enregistrement des commandes, subject to availability. Les photographies demeurent la propriété de Guilhem de Lépinay Photography jusqu’au paiement complet du prix indiqué.
Only payments in euros are accepted.
In case of delivery to a country other than France, vous êtes l’importateur du ou des biens concernés. Pour tous les biens expédiés hors Union Européenne et DOM-TOM, duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable.
These rights are not within the purview ofGuilhem de Lépinay Photography. They will be borne by the purchaser and under its full responsibility in terms of returns and payments to the authorities and bodies in the country.

Article 4- Acceptance of Offer
The acceptance of the offer by the acquirer is embodied in the validation, through electronic gallery, by a ” click Validation “, all of the information that must be completed by the purchaser : Name, First name, Phone, Delivery address, E-mail.
The contract is concluded when the confirmation of payment by the bank.
Le site delepinay.fr vous envoie une confirmation de votre commande par courrier électronique dans les minutes qui suivent.

Article 5 – Payment
Guilhem de Lépinay Photography propose trois modes de paiement :

1) By bank transfer
Regulation must reach us under 10 maximum days. Beyond this period, Guilhem de Lépinay Photography reserves the right to cancel the order. La commande sera traitée à compter de la réception du virement complet. Le montant de la commande est réglé directement par l’acquéreur par virement bancaire. The wording of the transfer must match the order number indicated in l ’ email of validation.

2) By cheque
The cheque must reach us under 10 jours maximum. Au delà de ce délaiGuilhem de Lépinay Photography reserves the right to cancel the order.
For payment by cheque the order will be processed until the day of the receipt of the cheque (amount corresponding to the whole of the order placed).
The purchaser certifies when its purchase order posting, that it is in a regular situation with respect to the issuer of the card payment or cheque.

3) By Paypal payment
Le règlement par compte Paypal est totalement sécurisé par une connexion SSL entre l’acquéreur et les serveurs de Paypal. Guilhem de Lépinay Photography does not have access to the banking data, This is why you are asked to input data to each new command. Payment is immediate, and the order will be processed upon pick-up of the validation of the payment by Paypal.

Article 6 – Delivery or provision of the command
Les photographies sont livrées à l’adresse de livraison indiquée au cours du processus de commande.
The possible modes of delivery depend on the quantity, the size of the property(s) ordered(s).
According to availability of items, the shipment or provision of your order will be carried out within a period of 2 to 10 working days, from the date of settlement or the date of receipt of the cheque.
All items listed on the website our times are counted in business days and do not take into account the delay delivery or delivery (variables depending on the destination).
In case of delay a mail will be sent to the purchaser.
The dates and delivery times mentioned are given indicatively. Possible delays in delivery may not give rise to penalties or compensation whatsoever to the load of Guilhem de Lépinay Photography .
However any orders not shipped within a maximum of 30 days from the date of receipt of payment may be cancelled by the purchaser and will be the subject of a refund, except cases of force majeure (war, riot, strikes, accidents...)

Article 7 – Receipt of delivery
Upon reception of your parcel, il est impératif d’en vérifier le contenu devant le transporteur. If you do not personally receive the package, ask the person in charge to take delivery of the package to do this check.
No claim of will be accepted if you have not clearly stated on the waybill to the carrier any damage found on the product.
The reference : subject to unpacking or any reference not properly stating the problem is not admissible and cannot give rise to any Exchange or replacement.
Do not sign delivery if the order arrived damaged. No claim will be admissible if the delivery receipt is signed.
Troubleshooting when the receipt of goods it is essential that the purchaser is establish a “record of abnormality” by the factor or the post office it depends.
In case of refusal of the package, the purchaser intends to apply to the post to Guilhem de Lépinay Photography, accompanied by a ” finding of spoliation ” (finding 170) and will remain in possession of a copy of this form.
This form must be sent to Guilhem de Lépinay Photography afin que ce dernier puisse ouvrir une enquête et entamer une procédure d’indemnisation.

Article 8 – Right of withdrawal
According to the provisions of l´article 121-16 of the code of consumption, the acquirer has d´un period of 7 days from the receipt of the order to return the(s) Ok(s) at his own expense and ask for l´echange or refund.
Under article L.121 - 18 of the code of consumption, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for the provision of services whose performance has begun, with the agreement of the client, before the end of the period of seven days, as for the supply of the goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, because of their nature, ne peuvent être réexpédiés. Un tirage encadré ou contre-collé est une réalisation effectuée sur mesure, at the request of the client. Guilhem de Lépinay Photography ne pourra donc pas rembourser le client sur ces biens.
The withdrawal is accepted only on the sale of a single draw.

Article 9 – Return of property
If the goods received do not comply with the command, you have a right of return, any resumption of goods shall be the subject of a formal between agreement Guilhem de Lépinay Photography et l’acquéreur. In that event, Please contact with Guilhem de Lépinay Photography qui vous indiquera l’adresse et les modalités de retour.
Guilhem de Lépinay Photography effectuera l’échange de l’article,or will offer you to choose another article of an equivalent amount. In the case of the exercise of the right of return, the expenses of return are borne by the buyer, removal costs are the responsibility of Guilhem de Lépinay Photography.
Goods must be returned in their original packaging
Goods returned incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled by the customer (fingerprints or stains of any kind) are not included.

Article 10 – Intellectual property
All photographs displayed on this site are the property of their authors, they constitute works within the meaning of the provisions of article L112-1 of the Code of intellectual property.
As a result, any reproduction of these, total or partial, without our consent, written, is prohibited.
The rights of the purchaser on the work are limited to a right of private use, excluding any right of representation and reproduction.

Article 11 – Personal information
All personal data provided by the purchaser are exclusively for our services.
In accordance with the law and freedoms of 6 janvier 1978, the buyer has a right of access at all times, rectification and opposition to the personal data concerning.
You can exercise this right by we get the request:
Soit par e-mail à guilhem@delepinay.fr
– Or by mail to Guilhem de Lépinay Photography / The Morimont, Road to the ruins 68480 Oberlarg

Article 12 – Settlement of disputes
The present General Conditions of sale are subject to French law.
In case of dispute arising in connection with the implementation, of the cancellation or the conditions of the present contract, the parties shall endeavour to settle their dispute amicably.
If no amicable solution was found and where the user would be as a professional, the dispute will be brought exclusively before the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Strasbourg.