date of the fignoss 2015

Date Fignoss 2015 [Shift]

Hello everyone !

A small very fast article for you announce that I will again be photographer during the night of Fignoss 2015 !

Date Fignoss 2015

The gala of Arts and crafts will be held the 21 November 2015, within the walls of the school.

Here's the poster that just came out, She is superb !

date of the fignoss 2015

You will find photographs of the preparation of the Gala, as well as baptism (you never know ?) the new promotion and the evening on this page : photographs Fignoss 2015

Find all the information on the site (currently still under construction) the night of the Fignoss : -> This is no longer the same link this year, but, simply !

In all cases Please note the date Fignoss 2015, the 21 November 2015 ! Go there !


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