The Morimont Folk Festival 2015

Hello to all !

Now a small articles you submit an event, the Folk Festival in Morimont, for which I helped the Organization. This happened with me, to the Morimont, and more 200 people came from afar or even very far for the occasion !

Before everything here is the poster of the event :

Poster-Folk-le Morimont

It was a folk music and dance festival, who are from many countries. I'll let you read the article from Alsace from the day after the event that tells it all better than me :

FestivalFolkAuMorimont - the Alsace5oct

I sent my photos too late for the article that came out the next day, tent fleas, but they will be used to announce the next year's festival the 7,8 and 9 October 2016 !

To see the pictures of the edition 2015, It is here that this is happening :

The StudioBooth was installed during the dances and the photos are nice also ! This is happening here :

See you soon !

Guilhem de Lépinay


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