Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Hello to all !

Today was a great day : the launch of the area north of the zoo of Mulhouse, which hosts species such as the polar foxes, muskox or even the new stars of the zoo of Mulhouse : Polar bears !

If the first species were visible for some time, Polar bears have made their first public appearance on the occasion of this event ! Vicks, SESI and Tina have dabbled in their very large basin for the pleasure of small and major !

Here's a quick overview of the day in picture ! Good visit and see you soon at the Zoo !

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Upon the entry of the far North area, many explanatory signs guide visitors

Polar bears

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Polar bear basin, with its large area of aquavision !

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Bears do not hesitate to dive !

Bear polar zoo mulhouse

The show is worth a visit when the bears swim near the window


SESI seems comfortable on its hind legs !

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Vicks, the young male just 3 years, but all the same 400 kilos on the scales !

bear polar zoo of mulhouse

After the bath, It is the shower for others !

polar bear swimming

Overview of the bear under water

curious polar bear

Bears are curious and interact with the public : who observes that ?

polar bear food

On the menu today : blocks of ice containing fruit and fish !

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Attention, do not try to steal food to an animal, even behind glass !

Opening space far North Zoo Mulhouse

Bears agree well, but to share a good sardine there is different !


The basin is very deep, bears will find games for fun then go back

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Attack !


The three bears share the large space that is reserved for them. Both basins are at their disposal.

bear polar zoo of mulhouse

Vicks skips stones in stone !


Still a beautiful polar bear Vicks break !


It would seem that Sesi has felt the fish above the waterfall jump !


Polar bears are awesome, certainly, but muskoxen have anything to defend also ! You don't know why ? Take a look on This video which shows quite well the “power of the beast… It is not nice small cows !


Good, that one is still baby, but you can watch its horns grow amazingly fast !


A bridge was built to better observe


Attention to avoid falling into the enclosure !


Polar foxes

Rather lazy, they are less dangerous than other species of the far North area. But they are very cute when they sleep and dream that they run after prey !


Their pen is the same as that of the chouette Lapone, but it is not yet visible.


Polar foxes blend well despite their white coat suitable for snow

Launch of the North large area of the zoo of Mulhouse

Playful displays to learn more about each species.


Here for the overview of the Great Northern ! I preferred the polar bears this time, but it is because you expect it all !

Cheers to the zoo, and in the meantime watch the zoo Facebook page where many info are posted regularly !

Nice day !


A small final for the road : Tina that made the Board, as in the good old days !

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