Hello to all,

Today I present you a small series of photo as I found this summer at my grandparents, I'll let you watch ! It would seem that this takes place in Alsace, at a date not specified.




Then, pas mal pour des photos d’un siècle non ?

Comment ça vous avez trouvé des anachronismes ? Ah bon la mariage gay n’était pas encore autorisé il y a 95 years ? 🙂

As you may have noticed on photographs, the bride and groom have decided to celebrate their union with a particular theme, and all their guests have played the game brilliantly. The theme takes in four digits :


In order to play the game, I have worked the shooting and processing the photos to keep in mind – and to avoid anachronisms !

Thanks to Y&Of trusting me for this very nice story, and subsequently also with the album being finished !

Good continuation !


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