New photographs of Arts and crafts 2014

Hello to all !


It's soon Christmas, We are all quite busy with all that this generates, but I still took the time to get out new photos of the night of Fignoss 2014 – and the Ex key for 212 I had the chance to discover on this occasion. The photos have been reworked and updated page, I hope you enjoy !

Ashtrays of the night of the Fignoss 2014

You were numerous to expect, Here they are !

Spread over two components, below are most beautiful pictures of ashtrays put in situation in the Foundry of the Arts and crafts of Lille and the Gala !


Click on the image to order a print on Alu Dibond !


And tell you ?

The ex key for 212

Since now more than two hundred years to Arts and crafts, each outbound promotion book a masterpiece at his school : the key of Ex.

Here, in all its glory, that promotion 212. A single word on this achievement: respect !


Click on the image to order a print on Alu Dibond

Incredible this made, especially the Suns in EDM, Hat !


If you are more to be interested to order prints of these photographs, do not hesitate to make a bulk order for lower prices !

See you soon !


Guilhem de Lépinay

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