Photographie Décoration d'usine

Photograph of decoration factory – Company Selectarc

One of my latest industrial projects involved the creation of a custom factory decoration. Offices as well as the factory had to be decorated with pictures and visuals created from photos taken in the factory directly, and supports large format adapted to the conditions of exposure.

A 30's prints have been made, ranging from the format 50 x 40 cm until the gigantic 300 x 150 cm !

Please find below a selection of photos of the decorations set up in the offices of the plant. Those of the plant itself will not be published by privacy measure !

Photograph of decoration factory Selectarc – Grandvillars

Photograph of decoration factory

Draw 3 m x 1.5 m refectory – Mosaic of photographs taken in the factory making appear most workers – most 400 photographs, slightly larger than a postcard size, are presented on this single panel.

Photograph of decoration factory

Mini exhibition of 11 paintings representing the different stages of the arrival of the material first until the shipment to the final customer of the manufactured product. Emphasis is placed on the work of the workers throughout these transformations, representing hands in different positions.

Photograph of decoration factory

Draw 2.50 m x 0.6 m – Entrance to the factory. The company logo is here framed by two photogra²phies on a white background, representing the two main activity areas of the company : welding and brazing.

Photograph of decoration factory

Draught 1.5 m x 0.75 m – Cafeteria. This mosaic of images includes the majority of the workers of the plant by uniting behind the company logo that brings them together.

Photograph of decoration factory

Two prints on the ground floor of offices. The first Visual is the tree of Selectarc values, who staged the keywords representing the values of the company in the form of an imposing tree, symbol of stability. The second highlights the antiquity of the plant presenting a picture of it in the years 1950.

This creative project was interesting for several reasons :

  • the design of these visuals – series on the production including – has plunged me into this industry specific processes, to present the most significant elements of their production.
  • contact with the workers has been very enriching, and the result – decorations – they were very pleased, valuing their work and their place of work in an original way.
  • design work in connection with the marketing of a Manager put forward the values and spirit of the company, to expose to the employees and guests visiting the factory.

The offices are often decorated in enterprises, but inside the factory is often overlooked. Workers not deserve so as far as office workers décor showcasing their work and that of the company ?

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