Marriage Mawuli&JG – super heroes

Mawuli marriage&JG !

It is in a magnificent property in Champagne that I had the pleasure to cover the wedding of Emilia and JG, two superheroes (you will discover that in a future article !) with a big heart !

Photographer wedding in Alsace and elsewhere

Available in all Alsace but also in île de France and everywhere else if necessary, I'll be happy to cover your wedding, offering you my trained eye to capture all these moments that make your wedding a unique, which photos will make you remember every moment as the day J !

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Discover now without further delay the wedding photographs !

Bride and groom preparation

Photographe Mariage en Alsace

02-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-5640 Photographe Mariage en Alsace 04-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-5728 Photographe Mariage en Alsace 06-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-5740 Photographe Mariage en AlsacePhotographe Mariage en Alsace Photographe Mariage en Alsace

Shooting of the married couple


Photographe Mariage en Alsace Photographe Mariage en Alsace 12-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-8940 Photographe Mariage en Alsace 14-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-8964

Wedding ceremony


15-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-5896 16-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-5901 17-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-9039 18-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6009 19-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-9073 20-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6111 21-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6206 Photographe Mariage en Alsace 23-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6229 24-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-9210 26-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6394 27-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6414


28-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6537 29-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6641 30-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-6656

Wedding evening

31-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7015 32-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7033 33-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7100 34-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7115 35-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7133 36-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7184 37-Mariage-Morimont-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-7293

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