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About the finishes

What are the available finitons ?

Three types of finishes are available for photographic prints. Click on their name to see their characteristics.

How to age my photo prints ?

I have selected the best quality media, However due to the printing technique used, strength in time of the prints will be more or less important. Alu Dibond® has the best resistance, with almost indestructible and very stable colour, monitoring of film prints, which if they are a little bit more sensitive to UV will keep vivid colors for several decades of year in good conditions of exposure.

Is it possible to order a print on another medium as it offers ?

Three proposed media are those that I know best and I master all aspects of printing, However it is possible to print on other media, such as :

  • Forex® (Expanded PVC)
  • Direct printing under acrylic glass
  • Film adhesive printing latex
  • Textile printing
  • etc..

If you would like to order a picture on a different draw from those proposed, send me a message via the contact form !

Are other print sizes available ?

I chose for the online shop sizes best adapted to the printing of photographs, However it is mostly possible to print at various sizes. Send me a message via the contact form for any special request.

Silver prints are made on gloss or Matt paper ?

It is for you to choose from when adding to cart !

How to order a frame for my photography ?

For prints on silver paper, It is possible to order on request a tailor-made for the wooden frame. Many finishes are available, send me a message For more information !

What is the rendering of the aluminum Dibond ?

Alu Dibond® is a medium composed of two blades of aluminum bonded to a plastic core, It ensures outstanding rigidity. Ink is deposited by ink-jet, and then hardened in the UVs to obtain strength foolproof. The colors are bright, Matte rendering to minimize reflections.

Is it possible to expose a photography on alu Dibond outdoors ?

Without hesitation the answer is Yes ! More info on this subject on This article : ALU Dibond®, will it blend ?.

What is the rendering of the painter canvas ?

Painter canvas consists of a printed textured canvas which is then stretched on a wooden frame. The rendering is matte, limiting glare, and one can see the texture of the canvas are looking more closely. Very original for a photography printing, This rendering will attract attention !

In case of problems

The package is obviously damaged upon arrival ! What do I do ?

Before the carrier does not let you sign the package and does not depart, point him out the damaged places and ask d’register a reservation on the delivery. This reserve is essential to facilitate my efforts with the carrier and operate the warranty.

Once the protest, You can keep the package, but without opening it if possible. Contact me by sending photos of the problem by mail to the address guilhem [at sign] .

I could not make reserve because it is not me who have received the package.

If no reserve has been issued, do not open the package and take photos of the damaged parts. Send me photos and a description of the problem by mail to guilhem [at sign] and I will do the necessary to solve the problem.

The package had no air abyss but the draw has been damaged.

Take pictures of the problem and send me a quick description to address guilhem [at sign] and I will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The draw is not what I ordered !

This is annoying ! Look on your order confirmation if the number corresponds to the photograph you want.

If an error has been made on my side, then I will send you a new draw for free in express.

If the number entered was not correct, So unfortunately I cannot do anything. Send same me a message to see what it is possible to !

The draw presents print defects.

The draw presents a problem ? Send me a picture and a description of the problem to guilhem [arobae] so that I can make walking the warranty and send you a new draw.

The colors are not conform to what I saw on the screen.

The colors that can be seen on a non-calibrated computer screen and a draw may be sometimes significant differences !

My computers work with calibrated screens, prints that are sent to the printer thus correspond to a willingness to set on my part.

However, If the problem of colors is very important, It can be a printing error. Look at the question which is in the FAQ if this is the case.

About orders

What are the delivery charges ?

Delivery charges are fixed, a value of €9. You can add as many products as you want per order, It will add just the package without increasing the price of transport. Do not hesitate to grouped controls !

What are the delivery times ?

After the actual receipt of payment (immediate payment by credit card, approx. 48 h for transfers and a few days for cheques), the command is prepared and shipped with the following time limits :

  • silver prints : about 3 working days
  • ALU Dibond® : about 4 working days
  • Painter canvas : about 6 working days

Can I be delivered abroad ?

In most European countries, Yes !

How to track my parcel ?

Once the sent package, a tracking code may be provided to you. Being extremely short delivery time (delivery the next day before 1 pm once sent prints), I usually not routinely provided tracking codes, except in case of problems during delivery.

Can my delivery address be different from my billing address ?

Yes, You can separate the two addresses : during the finalization of the order, a checkbox allows you to choose if the billing address is the same as that of delivery. By default the two addresses are the same.

Can I add products to an order already placed ?

If the command has not yet been processed, It is quite possible to add a product to the command. Once the order processed (usually one or two days after ordering), It is unfortunately not possible to add a product.

Send me a message via the contact form with your order number initial about whether the command has already been processed : If not I will give you a discount code that will let you do not pay the shipping on the second command, simply !

Is it possible to change the shipping address provided during the order ?

As long as the order has not been sent, It is possible to change the delivery address. Send me a message via the contact form with your order number and the new delivery address, and I'll modify the command if the shipment has not yet made.

Is it possible to cancel the order ?

It is possible to cancel its order if it has not yet been processed (usually one to two days after ordering).

If the cancellation is possible, then I will reimburse you directly in case of payment by credit card, or providing you with a voucher for the value of your order in case of payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Where to find discount coupons ?

Discounts coupons are sent during special campaigns. You can receive by subscribing to the newsletter for example.

How to use my discount coupon ?

After adding an item to the basket, a message prompts you to enter your discount code : the reduction is then applied automatically.

Can I order by phone ?

Burak, Why not ! However, to avoid errors and to facilitate the management of orders, It is best to enter all your information when ordering online (delivery address, number of the selected photo, support, means of payment etc.). Thank you !

Can I order by fax ?

It would have been with pleasure, Unfortunately I have no fax, Sorry !

The photo I want to get there is no identification number !

Photos “controllable” normally all have an identification number, However the error is human ! If that were the case, then send me the link and the description of the photo desired so I give you the number corresponding to the command !

Payment methods

What are the available payment methods ?

Three means of payment are available :

  • by credit card,
  • by cheque,
  • by bank transfer.

The operation of each type of payment is described on this page For more information.

Is it safe to pay online ?

Payment by credit card is managed from the beginning at the end by the Paypal service, the world leader in the credit card payment. This is the most secure payment method, as used on a very large scale. No unencrypted data passes on the web when ordering, and no banking information is forwarded to me during the transaction. Simple, effective !

Why go through Paypal to pay ?

PayPal is the global leader in online payment. To avoid developing a whole system secure on my own website, I use the services of Paypal that secures the transactions through many security protocols tested.

Can I pay in kind ?

Absolutely ! I am for the barter, so feel free to send me a proposal via the contact form ! But be careful, If it's not worth it going !

You have not found an answer that suits you ? Use the page contact to ask me a question directly !

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