Alu Dibond® : elegance, lightness & sustainability for a result perfect even under difficult conditions


The composite structure ensures outstanding rigidity – even for the larger formats !


The 0.3 mm thick aluminium blades ensure a perfect flatness of the table


Rugged UV ink resists the rays of the Sun and the weather for many years

ALU Dibond®

Alu Dibond® is both durable composite material, rigid and lightweight. It is composed of two thin aluminum plates rolled assembled on a core of high-density black polyethylene. Modern and stylish, the Alu Dibond® is rot proof, stainless and non-deformable. It can be hung both in indoor and outdoor.

Its white surface gives a very faithful to the original photograph matte rendering. Thanks to the supports provided, the table on Alu Dibond® seems to float on the walls, by providing a modern and uncluttered finish to photographs.

  • Elegance

    No framework need to dress up the backing which is sufficient in itself : It would be a shame to hide the high-tech structure of support that attracts attention and arouses the curiosity of the spectators.

  • Printing high-definition

    Printing uses no less than six colors to reproduce the full range of the spectrum. The inkjet technology Durst very precise offer a dive perfect.

  • Sustainability

    The ink is printed directly on the white powder coating of the aluminum Dibond®, then is hardened with UV, to be finally covered by a protective film. After that, nothing does it scare most !

Fixing systems included for large formats, for easy Assembly in minutes

Anchors stainless steel

You have the possibility to choose the metal cylinders in high quality stainless steel. The cylinders fit into the holes in the corners of the table. Particularly resistant, This suspension is particularly popular for decorations of business with their minimalist modern appearance.

impression directe sur alu dibond

Kit Decofix

The Decofix kit is an exclusive system of suspension of Dibond paintings®. The male part installs in minutes on the wall, the female part is already fixed on the table. All be clipped easily, and becomes invisible once the table in place, pushing at its worst the sensation of floating the Dibond® on the wall.

impression directe sur alu dibond

Direct print on Alu Dibond®

2 available sizes

Table Alu Dibond® is available in two sizes :

  • 60x40cm : a nice size for a photo, which fits perfectly in an apartment or an office.
  • 120×80 cm : format used for exhibitions or for larger common rooms, with hindsight to admire the work !

Warranty 5 years

Colors, even exposed in sunlight or subjected to weather, don't lose their intensity nor did not see like the old photographs : you are quiet for many years. Nothing to report also on the side of the Alu Dibond support® ultra-resistant : a safe value !

Sending protected

Each table in Alu Dibond® is packaged in a special paper, and then protected by two layers of much wider than the table cards, in order to protect it from potential shocks. Large formats have additional plastic reinforcements in the corners. If the tables are whole is not by chance. More info here.

Free quote

You want to print one of the photos that you have seen on my site, or even one of your photos on to the Alu Dibond® ? Contact me and I will send you a proposal of size and support depending on your need and the definition/quality of the image in question. Please do not hesitate, There is just a fair form here ! —->

Tell me everything !

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