The painter canvas : warm & original for an interior decoration of the best effect.


The printed canvas is stretched and mounted on a wooden frame.


Fields can be printed or, Depending on the effect desired.


Fabric type canva has a made matte and presents itself as a classical painter canvas.


A photograph may be decomposed in diptych or triptych for even more originality !

Painter canvas

The print on canvas of painter is a simple and original solution to decorate its interior. Photography is first printed on textured canvas, that looks like a real painting by artist. This canvas is then stretched on a wooden frame.

The photographs on canvas painter are very easy to hang – a nail is often sufficient to position it correctly – and offer a warm effect due to its appearance and its materials. Discover now this support both traditional and modern to expose your most beautiful pictures.

  • Original

    Go the modernity of a modern photographic impression of high precision with a support several times Centennial and you'll get a decorative element that won't pass your unnoticed photography !

  • Matte rendering

    No constraint to place the table on your walls : its matte rendering avoids any annoying reflection : same face to a window, photography remains visible from any angle of view.

  • Versatile

    Hanging on a wall, on a door, see ceiling, or even simply laid on a desk, painter canvas is invited everywhere. Its lightness poses no limit to your imagination.

The edges of the table can be printed or not, Depending on the effect desired.

Bands printed

Printed bands give a relief effect to the photo, that seems so out of the wall.

Attention however, This finish is not useable with all photographs as an important part of photography becomes inconspicuous on the edges.

Toile de peintre

Blank trances

Acting as a frame around the image, blank slices (not printed or printed in black) well highlight photography on its support.

Toile de peintre champs vierges

Painter canvas

3 available sizes

Painter canvas is available in three sizes :

  • 30×20 cm : mat, It is also the perfect size for presenting a series of photographs.
  • 60×40 cm : a nice size for a photo, which fits perfectly in an apartment or an office.
  • 120×80 cm : format used for indoor exhibits or for larger common rooms, with hindsight to admire the work !

New compositions

Dare the decomposition of image in multiple frames ! This gives a new dimension to your photography : the technical limits are pushed back to the delight of your creativity !

Sending protected

Each painting in painter canvas is wrapped in special paper, and then protected by two layers of much wider than the table cards, in order to protect it from potential shocks. Large formats have additional foam reinforcements in the corners. If the tables are whole is not by chance ! More info here.

Free quote

You want to print one of the photos that you have seen on my site, or one of your photos on a canvas of painter ? Contact me and I will send you a proposal of size and support depending on your need and the definition/quality of the image in question. Please do not hesitate, There is just a fair form here ! —->

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