Photo for the URFJT in the Paris region report

Following a first report in Paris, the URJT told me a second story to a young worker home in Yvelines.

Objective : present home to future residents and institutions through its architecture, its equipment, its environment and way of life of its residents. In addition to the report conducted for half a day, I had the opportunity to cover an evening between residents in order to show the atmosphere that reigns in these establishments !


Check out this story from photographs on the site of the URFJT, or below via a selection of photographs of this story (Note : only photographs where residents don't classsic can explicitly be shown here. The selection is therefore not really the spirit of the report).

Excerpt from the photo report

018-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2168 019-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2287 020-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2321 021-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2341 022-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2442 023-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2577 025-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2597 026-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2612

024-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2591 027-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2671 028-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2688 029-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2705 030-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2722 031-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2754
032-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2803 033-Reportage-URFJT-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-2922

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