Photographer Jura

The movement autonomist from the Jura to the Morimont

The Jura autonomist movement came to commemorate the bicentennial of the annexation of the Jura by the canton of Bern at the Château de Morimont, highly symbolic place for this movement because it is in this place that Xavier Stockmar, Olivier Seuret, Auguste and Louis Quiquerez made the solemn in oath 1830 to release the oligarchy Bernese Jura.

Find more information on the Jura autonomist movement on their website.

Now here are the photographs of the event.

Photographer Jura MAJ-11 MAJ-12 Photographer Jura MAJ-14 MAJ-15 MAJ-16 MAJ-17 MAJ-18 MAJ-19 MAJ-20 MAJ-21 MAJ-22 Photographer Jura MAJ-24 Photograhe Jura MAJ-01 MAJ-02 MAJ-03 MAJ-04 MAJ-05 MAJ-06 MAJ-07 MAJ-08 MAJ-09


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