Night of Fignoss : fashion show

The pictures that everyone was waiting !

A little more work was needed to sort and edit these photos, hard to choose which were the best ! So here are photos awaited the parade fashion in two time Fignoss : the first series in color, and the second in black and white (shortly). Still me have a good amount of successful pictures of the parade, but he had to make choices !


The parade

Firstly a small review about the parade : This parade was held in three parts, for the three creators shows :

  • Stephanel
  • Sinequanone
  • Darkstone

Professional models have been accompanied by students of the school of Arts and crafts for the occasion ! I let you discover the photos below !


The parade


That would be a fashion show without its models ? Here is a small series of pictures of the models during the parade :

Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-174 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-175 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-176 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-159 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-161 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-162 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-164 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-165 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-166 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-168 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-169 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-171 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-172 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-173Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-177

The scene

For “Preheat” the room, a student of the Arts and crafts made us a small very nice saxophone solo, I let you appreciate, but without sound !



The creators

As explained above, three artists participated in this parade, Stephanel, Sinequanone and Darkstone. The creator of Darkstone was present in person, come to the US, to prepare and organize her show.

Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-187 Fignoss-defile-photographe-Guilhem-de-Lepinay-184

Place photos of the parade now !

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