Zoo of Mulhouse : the family of the Meerkat is enlarges ! Baby Meerkat pictures

The Zoo of Mulhouse is a very good reproduction for the animals who live there, as the meerkats. Check out the photos of new entrants !

Baby Meerkat pictures

baby Meerkat pictures

The family looking for food in the sand !


Baby Meerkat trying to chew a seed well lasts priori !

baby Meerkat pictures

A Meerkat watch the sky while others are busy – try to make the sound of a bird of prey in the front of the enclosure to watch watch the sky !


This Meerkat wondered what I do in the pen !


Visual communication between meerkats


Twins ?

BeBe-suricate-Zoo-Mulhouse-photographe-Guilhem-de-lepinay-6 BeBe-suricate-Zoo-Mulhouse-photographe-Guilhem-de-lepinay-10 BeBe-suricate-Zoo-Mulhouse-photographe-Guilhem-de-lepinay-11 BeBe-suricate-Zoo-Mulhouse-photographe-Guilhem-de-lepinay-13

Découvrez plus de photos du zoo en me suivant sur Facebook !

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baby Meerkat pictures

Curieux, les suricates ! S’ils pouvaient, ils aimeraient sûrement ma page Facebook 😉 !

See you soon !

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