Alu Dibond® : will it blend ?

Hello to all,

A little message for you to tell a story about the photographic exhibition following my journey from France to the Japan (more info on

Prints, were twelve, has been made on ALU Dibond®. In addition to this type of drawing certain aesthetic and character”self-supporting” handy aluminum, even in very large size (120cm x 80cm), It was necessary that the photo resist the sometimes difficult conditions of Mother Nature, scheduled outdoor exposure.

The photo exhibition, outdoor, protected from direct rain but not wind !

The photo exhibition, outdoor, protected from direct rain but not wind !

Prints, suspended a steel cable, therefore remained more than two months away, without flinching, until the day where… the storm is dechaina more strongly than usual !

It was only the next morning that I could go see the carnage : some cleats not resisted very important making wind prints – in particular the two draws oriented in portrait. Therefore, prints found themselves down, or worse, hooked by one side, twisting and swaying, scraping the stone wall before which they were suspended. What completely destroy the exhibition…

And no ! My surprise, the prints were at worst very scraped, a few kinks on the slices, but their overall integrity was not affected ! And thanks to the magic of aluminum, and its all very high as you learn it in school of inge, I was able to “untwist” gently the damaged parts, finding something fairly presentable to expose again !

To conclude, a bit like the show “will it blend ?“, I tested for you, regardless of my will (!), the resistance of the aluminum Dibond®, and the verdict is final : It is solid !

Nice day !


PS : no need to tell me that I have had to tie them down also : I know and knew it but good, You know…

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