Collective 13

Tropicana Beach Contest

Beach Volleyball in the middle of winter in Switzerland, It is possible ? Yes, with the Tropicana Beach Contest, everything is possible !


What is the Tropicana Beach, contest ?

Music Festival, associative village, beach volleyball and beach games tournament, in Switzerland and in winter - but in tropical heat, This is the winning combination that this event offers now for the tenth time !

Swiss event photographer, I was present to immortalize this edition, and I propose to you to discover this crazy atmosphere in this summary article !

Friday 11 December 2015

After a disguised volleyball tournament and a final furious, the concerts started on the big stage, feet in the sand… normal !

Beach Volleyball

The session of beach volleyball


Team 118 218 or similar !


Good atmosphere in the team's Green tutus, After a decisive smash.


The spirit of the Tropicana into an image !


The team of bees made the charm !


Two land around the bar, a public Davies, nothing like to motivate the troops


The techniques are sometimes Orthodox but still effective !


The champion team of the tournament is attempting to intimidate his opponents – successfully !


The second finalist team keeps the same smile leaving escape first place, good spirit !

To see pictures of volleyball, Rendezvous here !

Concerts of the associative village

Next to the tropical Hall stood the associative village, which brought the 10 humanitarian associations presented their projects to the visitors. To animate this space, many groups have played on the small stage.


Sacred atmosphere thanks to Bizu Coolective !

Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-198 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-341 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-343 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-352 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-557 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-561 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-703 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-711 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-716 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-722

Concert on the main stage – The beach

No half measures on the big stage, the groups present in a small village as Bassecourt were the height !

Soviet Suprem

Soviet Suprem is composed of R.Wan, the lead singer of the Group Java including, and Toma Feterman of the Group The caravan past. Lot of humor in this show looks like a concert of revival Soviet !


Show and concert, Soviet Suprem ensures onstage !


It is not good to be dressed for the Siberian Winter in full Tropicana, but it does not air to ask him too many worries !


The red dominates the scene lights, bizarre !


R.Wan in the slam in the crowd !


Invasion of scene !


The Régie : Surely the worst place in the festival because of the proximity of the artificial Suns !

Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-320 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-328 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-334 Tropicana-beach-contest-bassecourt-335

Collective 13

Collective 13

Second big name of the evening, the collective 13 brings together some big name of the French scene : Guizmo of the Group Tryo, Mourad from Street Ketanou, Gari Greu from Massilia Sound System, Fred Mariolle of No. one is innocent, and good d ' other ! In short you will understand what set the mood as it takes !

Swiss event photographer Collective 13 Swiss event photographer Collective 13 Collective 13 Collective 13 Collective 13 Swiss event photographer Collective 13 Collective 13 Collective 13 Swiss event photographer Collective 13 Collective 13 Collective 13 Collective 13 Swiss event photographer

Collective 13

Collective 13

Collective 13 Collective 13 Swiss event photographer

Thanks to the Organization for this very nice event, organized with onions, nice atmosphere and everything, BRAVO to you !

To see the other pictures I took during the Tropicana Beach Contest, appointment on this page !

If my work you please feel free to call me for your event, or if people in your entourage get married or make a big party !

See you soon,


Guilhem de Lépinay

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